Data Protection Policy

We do not collect any personal information about people who use this site, nor do we process any personal data which has been retained for business purposes.

We do hold some contact information, to arrange school visits or to contact freelance editors but only for as long as it is required. We ensure that all personal data is held securely and deleted as soon as possible.

We do not actively add email addresses to a list but Hotmail will save them. Our email program will also save them. We do not keep a database of contacts.

We hold emails from readers and also our replies. We only hold these as long as necessary. For instance, if a reader contacts us about a school project they are doing about us or our stories we will keep their emails until this is finished. Then we will delete them.

We must keep financial details for up to six years to comply with HMRC rules.

No data we hold is ever given to anyone else or used for marketing purposes.

We will try to make our policy clear to anyone who gives us any personal information. If someone asks to see their data, we will send it to them within 30 days. On request, we will delete personal data.

Our computers are password protected.